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Kia Ora beloved!


I'm Bruna. A Brazilian healer, integrative systemic therapist and I share with my clients tools that help me in my awakening and self-knowledge.


For over 15 years I have been on a spiritual and therapeutic path and I continue to sow seeds of self-knowledge in service of life.


I'm a Reiki Master and finished my studies in India in 2014.

I was initiated into the Gypsy card reading 10 years ago with a Gypsy Master.

The cards for me are much more than an oracle. It's an ancestral mission of my soul.


I also continued with other therapeutic formations of New Age lights.


If you have come this far, a greater force has guided you, and if you feel in your heart that I can help you, please contact me.


I see you, divine soul.


Aroha nui!


With all my love, 




Gypsy Card


Far beyond a card game, it's a deep session that help us in the necessary...

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Baralho Cigano

Multidimensional Therapy

Multidimensional Therapy is a consciousness raising tool and it's main...

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Terapia Multidimensional



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Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique, where we use...

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Curso de Reiki


Bru, through all her sensitivity, brought me in the gypsy card sessions a lot of clarity and a huge direction for my life.  No words to thank this Goddess, for being such a beautiful channel of light and love and for being so available to spirituality to help us in the processes of healing and evolution. I greatly honor all the work done and recommend it with all my heart.  

Gratitude, divine soul!

Inaê Cavalca

Another amazing session with you. Transformer. Very accurate and very loving. Thank you for being this channel of divine light and love that transforms people's lives.

I always recommend to everyone I love sessions with this Goddess. Always helping me to be better and helping me in my connection with the divine and my ancestry.

I honor you so much.


Andy Milan

I loved it, I loved it!

Wow, I can really see the difference in myself from the first time I went to therapy with you, and how I am today! So much gratitude for you and your work! I truly trust you and you are already part of my life.

I receive all these messages with an open heart.

Always keep doing this beautiful job!

Isabelli Moraes




Kia Ora, divine soul!

If you are here, a greater force has guided you.

Does it resonate in your heart?


Please contact me for more information and bookings.


Aroha nui,


Thank you!